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The ONS hasn’t covered itself in glory these past 3 years. The once reliable agency has allowed its data to be spun for political gain, with no recourse.

This unvaccinated hit piece was a particular favourite of mine.

During the 2nd wave only 1 in 200 deaths in were fully vaccinated:


Excerpt from article:

However, most of the fatalities in the six months of the research occurred during the height of the second wave, before the vaccines had become widely available.

The majority of elderly and vulnerable Britons were not fully vaccinated until spring, which skews the findings.


In some instances ONS summaries will be highly inaccurate due to the confounders within the original dataset.

The most obvious example would be PCR + Covid death certification, leading to inaccurate attribution of cause of death in ONS datasets.

That said, the dataset discussed in this session appears to be fairly sound.

Increased alcohol related deaths as a consequence of lockdowns are not surprising. In fact many “conspiracy theorists” had predicted this during the 2nd lockdown in 2020/21.

A bleak winter period with no social interaction (unless you were a politician) was all too much for some people.

Hitting the bottle was an escape from the horrors of social isolation.

Negative outcomes were about as predictable as increases in deaths as a result of missed healthcare appointments and stress related illness.

We almost don’t require robust data to know that the imprisonment of 68 million previously free citizens would have long term adverse consequences to collective public health.

It’s about as obvious as the links for PTSD in military personnel.

Could the long running excess mortality in 2022 be a spill over from this?

Are we now simply witnessing the sustained period of ill health and enhanced disease that many of us predicted would be a consequence of this insanity?

I would answer, definitely (in part)

Does this fully explain the wide global coverage and sustained period of excess mortality across 30 countries in broad age rages during 2022?

I would answer, probably not.

Could it be that there are other factors at play?

I would answer, it’s highly likely.

Is the anecdotal evidence of cardiovascular events from the world of sport, showbiz and our own friends and family groups also worthy of consideration?

Is something else is contributing to excess mortality?

It is definitely worthy of investigation.

Where there is uncertainty, the scientific community is suppose to conduct experiments to prove or disprove a hypothesis.

Can the state funded scientific community be trusted to do this independently with all factors considered (including vaccines)

No!! Definitely not!

There are too many good, honest doctors and scientists who are still too afraid to even mention the theory of a link between mass vaccination and excess deaths.

Politicians are in the same boat.

They’ve witnessed the public executions of their colleagues who were brave enough to mention the V word and they’ve decided against it.

With the fear of damaging reputation and career looming large over the silent skeptics, we the people have absolutely no chance of the independent scientific community conducting an open investigation.

This excellent commentary by Tom and Carl covers 2021 and is linked to alcohol related deaths and not overall excess mortality.

Upticks in excess deaths throughout 2021 were closely aligned with the winter period and therefore likely caused Covid and other seasonal respiratory viruses. These figures were also quite possibly exacerbated by the adverse consequences of lockdowns.

In 2022 there were no lockdowns in the U.K. and society largely returned to normal, yet excess mortality is still consistently high and has been since late April.

Delayed effects of lockdowns? Definitely

Damage to the hearts and cardiovascular systems of millions of previously healthy people due to inflammation caused by mRNA technology? Potentially

Chances of independent investigation covering all possible causes? Zero

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