Thanks Keith, we have some 30 ready pages on sodium valproate and we will publish a post on the yellow card soon.

Best wishes, Tom & Carl

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I have really enjoyed reading and listening to your posts. For me the last three years has taught me that anyone claiming to know what is best for me now has to earn my trust. I no longer believe anybody on any subject just because they have letters after their name and have held down a job for a few years. From a moderate sceptic I have transitioned into a hard core disbeliever of anything headlined by mainstream media or mainstream science. At best, I know that what I am hearing is only one side of a debate. At worst, as Bret Weinstein recently stated "Everything is a psyop until proven otherwise". Carl and Tom have proven otherwise to me and I trust what they say and value their opinions.

Personally I would be very interested to hear more about the science of water fluoridation. I have a child and grand-children in New Zealand where there is a government push to introduce it throughout the country as a safe and effective method of reducing tooth decay. ( NZ Government website - t.ly/28rSo ). I am also technically involved with "FLUORIDE - Quarterly Journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research Inc. (ISFR)" ( https://www.fluorideresearch.online ) which begs to differ. I am instinctively opposed to anything more than necessary being added to drinking water, but maybe I shouldn't be?

Have a great break and return refreshed.

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Thank you for all.

Listening again to the issue of asymptomatic spread. I always understood the viral load spread by asymptomatic people was low and therefore they were generally less of a problem in terms of causing disease to others.

Regarding the cost/benefit of medical interventions. I think people are now more questioning, which may not be such a bad thing, however the loss of trust in Public Health is not good. In the USA they are now looking more at the Amish, as they do have far fewer medical interventions. An interesting group.

Have a great holiday!

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Have a great holiday yourselves and a good long break!

I am looking forward to your autumn posts on Sodium Valproate and the history of this scandal.

Maybe you could help your readers by outlining the system in the UK that we use to identify harms from medication (that has a license). Does pharma support people to conduct this research?

Thanks again.

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It has been depressing and in a funny way I am glad not to be alone in that vis-a-vis the Inquiry, but I think even more firmly that the focus has been wrong. No-one was entirely prepared because they didn't know what to prepare for, and that will be the same for any future pandemic. Military analogy?

The Maginot Line. It's quite true that separation of patients was wholly inadequate but that doesn't really matter if the infective organism doesn't kill people; what matters is working out, if it clearly does kill people, why it does and then rapidly apply the right investigations and treatment. I firmly believe that's where the Inquiry should have started. I hope that the next modules will underline the failure of vaccination to prevent spread and indeed its relative inefficacy in antibody generation compared to a proper dose of the infection. But what we have seen so far is the relative incompetence of many so-called experts.

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Have a good holiday, both. Excellent podcast. Really chuckled at the 'modellers' comment.πŸ˜…πŸ‘

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