Unbelievable that no one is interested in the causes of excess deaths at home.

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Carl mentioned the signal in the larger number of people dying at home than usual. Almost my definition, many of these will be sudden deaths. I search my National online newspaper “Wales online” every few weeks for the phrase “died suddenly“ and the results shock me.


Are they worse than pre-2020? I don’t know but my impression is that the sudden deaths of young and middle-aged people seems to have increased.

Is this just another signal like Yellow Card Scheme, and VAERS which will just get waved away and dismissed as flawed, incomplete and un-scientific?

How many signals do you need before you investigate?

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Where across Europe are here signs that the powers that be cara about excess deaths or anything else about the COVID-19 panicodemic? I was bang out of order from March 2020 put June 2022 and now I am compulsively obsessed because I want to get to the truth! Well done for keeping up the pressure but I fear a few winters f apathy will have to pass before the bankers come off. I m also well aware of the saying "There are none so blind as those who will not see" The empty House of Commons when Andrew Bridgen gave his adjournment debate two weeks ago was a disgrace but clearly showed how apathetic parliamentarians have become. We have a similar situation here in the Netherlands where only one or two of the 26 parties (!) vying to form the next Second Chamber on November 22nd bother to rase anything to do with COVID-9. The planned pubic enquiry has been postponed indefinitely, the proposed chairperson quit altogether after she was accused of unacceptable behaviour when she was Speaker of the House (she raised he voice to two people!) and none of those responsible for running the country by diktat will be around to face the music. Still, There is too much at stake to allow the whole affair to sink into oblivion. So, in the words of Winston Churchill, we must keep buggering on!

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