Agent message for Keith. Read it: it will save you life!!!

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the BMJ to cover the story.

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Thank you both for this podcast. As always, so refreshing to listen to a sane discussion between professionals.

Sadly, I doubt your superb work will make a jot of difference to mask adherents. When I visit the nurse at my GP surgery tomorrow and tell her their mask rules are useless, I will get a blank stare and then some gobbledegook about following the science. I despair.

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Great podcast.

So how do we best get this known to the general public?

Because this is important.

More than ever we need to make sure this is never allowed to happen again and until the general public is aware of the failings of the way this pandemic was dealt with.

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A fair concise balanced review you about the evidence for the utility of wearing masks to prevent infection buy respiratory agents. I value your cautious approach. Thank you both for this post and all your other work here and on other platforms . I will await the next BMJ to see if they pick it up. Please please keep "plugging away" - they will find it difficult to ignore you indefinitely.

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Excellent work Tom,

It always feels like a little bit of vindication when you see the evidence to back up the observational data and simple gut instinct that led to many of us believing we were being lied to.

Unfortunately this was not a panicked error from government to simply show that they were doing something.

The overwhelming evidence is that they knew that mass community masking with anything from, cheap Chinese surgical masks to old pants and T-shirt’s, was absolutely useless at preventing transmission.

Unfortunately the public were so terrified by the nightly state sponsored propaganda presentations they could have told us to superglue bananas to our foreheads to stop Covid and many people would have complied.

Here’s a wonderful montage of how their messaging changed:


Masks are nothing more than prop a ganda.

A visual prop to stoke fear and a badge of compliance. The ultimate virtue signalling symbol that you’re a good person and will protect others from your diseased breath.

“My mask doesn’t protect me but it does protect you” was the doctrine used to shame those of us who refused to comply with what was clearly utter nonsense.

Like mass vaccination and mass testing, if masking was a zero sum game I’d say the government panicked and intervened to show decisiveness.

Unfortunately none of the above physical and pharmaceutical interventions are zero sum games.

They all have harms attached some of which could be far far worse than catching Covid.

These interventions were forced onto those of us who were at virtually zero risk from Covid.

Masking children in school all day with fibrous, micro-plastic laden, potentially carcinogenic materials made in Chinese and Turkish sweat shops, is nothing short of insanity.

The same goes for injecting a child with a novel vaccine technology with known side effects for a disease no worse than a common cold.

And likewise, sticking swabs sterilised with carcinogenic gas into the noses and throats of children on a regular basis, to me seems like utter lunacy.

Lockdown harms do not require specifics.

They are likely the most single biggest act of self harm ever performed by the state.

None of the above interventions have ever been tested before at this scale and frequency and in the case of vaccines, with this type of technology.

These cannot be accidental interventions.

They knew the risks well in advance and they published those risks for us all to see.

Kate Bingham - Less than half the U.K. population to be vaccinated...

In this article Bingham talks about the vaccines only being used on healthcare workers and over 50s because the risk being it in the young doesn’t stack up:


Ruud Dobber on vaccine damages indemnification for AZ:


Excerpt from article:

“This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in ... four years the vaccine is showing side effects,” Ruud Dobber, a member of Astra’s senior executive team, told Reuters.

Vallance on the futility of lockdowns and why herd immunity and focussed protection was a better strategy:


Some face masks contain dangerous levels of toxic chemicals:


Ethylene Oxide sterilisation (CDC)


The authorities and test manufacturers will tell you that EO sterilisation of swabs is well within safe tolerances.

When you ask them to provide safety data based on the huge increases in human exposure to these swabs, they go very quiet.

I think of this like dental X-rays.

Once a year to diagnose problems is necessary but you wouldn’t want 3 a week would you?

I think the strategy with all this is to hope that the harms caused by these interventions will be so far into the future that people will stop making the links.

For anybody who still believes the government panicked and chose the lesser of two evils that simply isn’t true.

They knew!

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Thank you for this.

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