What has happened to Steve Baker MP?

He endorsed this substack and wrote an article for it in the early days. I’m assuming that he is still a paid subscriber.

Mr Baker, if you’re reading this....

What are your thoughts on the WHO Treaty?

Is there genuine concern about this in Parliament?

You fought so valiantly against the Covid restrictions and disgusting impositions like vax passports and mandates. Do you not realise how this treaty would completely destroy that ability to fight back politically?

Do you recognise how pro China the WHO is?

Do you understand the WHO funding dynamics involving Big Pharma and the Gates Foundation?

Why the silence?

Why the reluctance to address this serious and imminent risk to freedom?

Please address our concerns! 🙏

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Trust the Evidence and Where are the numbers are both substacks that I am happy to pay for.

Keep up the good work

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Assuming it’s not AI generated, this is a clip of an exasperated Mr Hancock pretending to be perplexed at why we would not want to tie the WHO noose around the neck of our sovereignty.

He claims it is merely about sharing information and an early warning system, not about WHO implementing lockdowns. What precisely is the impediment to our country sharing information with other WHO members at the moment? They’ve had decades and billions in funding, and can’t facilitate the sharing of information?

Sounds to me like they want to be the gatekeeper and curator for this unspecified information: not the conduit.


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This is a superb podcast by the way and certainly expanded my knowledge of what the treaty is all about. I can’t get enough of Tom’s sarcastic levity either.

Take this in the constructive way it’s intended, but please get some new microphones. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy (you can get an OK USB one for £25 on Amazon). The ones you’re using let you down as the result is distorted and too quiet. This comes from a good place, I promise!

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