All these behaviours are expressions of unease and anxiety in the perpetrators. At the same time as addressing these external behaviours we need to grow confidence, trust and capacity in ourselves as individuals and communities to think and communicate.

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A calm response of, “Anyway, back to the idea” often works. Bringing critics back to the point of what is being discussed, rather than the identity, history or ‘expertise rank’ of those discussing, can be arduous but helps passively expose their tactics as being bereft of substance.

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We are heading towards outright totalitarianism and it is not happening by accident.

I have said it many times and I’ll keep saying it.

The CCP socioeconomic model is a blueprint being followed by many western democracies.

We’re not simply, soft on China!

We are largely owned by and therefore becoming China!

The transition to a full digital surveillance state is well underway.

ULEZ, CBDC’s, Digital ID, Facial Recognition, Sustainable Smart Cities.....

All fully published government programmes that fall under the wider umbrella of the 4th Industrial Revolution:


Excerpt ⬇️

a partnership with the World Economic Forum to shape global rules on innovative products and services


Free speech must be curtailed to stop any questioning of this manufactured socioeconomic shift.

It is state sponsored gaslighting!

They’re telling us exactly the direction of travel in their own published literature. Yet, if we question it publicly we are painted as conspiratorial nut jobs.

Both physical and online protest and dissent must also be curbed in this Brave New World.

Right on queue we get Just Stop Oil and mass industrial action. We also get a media barrage of stories about online dis/misinformation.

Both of these situations will be capitalised on by the state to force through the banning of protests using the Public Order Bill and the policing of the internet using the Online Safety Bill.

Never let a good crisis go to waste eh!

Or perhaps even engineer a crisis to bring about the changes required.

Example: Truss takes the office, hedge fund investors wanted Sunak, markets get manipulated and Truss gets ejected.




State needs to justify Lockdowns and garner compliance so it employs doomsday modellers to produce worst case scenarios.

I could go on....

When you have multi billionaires (who profit from the 4th Industrial Revolution) pulling strings behind the scenes, anything is possible.

Remember George Soros singlehandedly bankrupted the U.K.



Back to free speech...

The BBC’s new Verify service and the Trusted News Initiative are nothing short of Orwellian:





Especially considering that the vast majority of BBC reporting during Covid was simply state sponsored lies and propaganda.

Even if none of these bills and fact-checking services stick (they will) the mere threat of being labelled as an antivaxxer, Covid denier or conspiracy theorist is enough to make people self censor.

We see this everywhere, from Parliament to Academia. Many deeply skeptical people who know something sinister has occurred over the past 3 years, have chosen to skirt around the issues rather than risk cancellation.

That’s why we will lose this battle!

Too many of us are simply not willing to lose our reputations and livelihoods to tell the truth.

If self censorship continues it will be rapidly followed by state enforced censorship and your true beliefs will never reach an audience.

We will soon be muzzled, yet many people who could make a difference are choosing to spend the lead up to this event muzzling themselves.

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