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You ask where we are to obtain reliable evidence on which we can base trustworthy reviews?

Trust is the reliance on the truth of someone or something. Trust in the scientific process rests on the quality of the material published in peer-reviewed journals. We trust that the review process and the editors are honest and accountable.

You make a robust case that we can no longer trust the review process of many medical journals and that inconvenient evidence is often suppressed by "big pharma." If you are right, we risk losing faith in authority figures such as doctors. Instead we will trust alternative voices.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr is a successful environmental lawyer, anti-CIA propagandist (claiming it murdered his uncle and father), and highly censored anti-vaccine activist. Kennedy is now running for president. His basic message is that you can't trust our institutions which have been "captured" by big business. Your account bolsters his case. Beware of significant pushback.

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