May 13 • 31M

TTE Podcast: Advisors, Journals and Antivirals

The Costs of Eminence-based Medicine

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Carl Heneghan
“Flu and Covid” and their role in the NHS winter crisis
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This time we are discussing a medley of linked topics arising from our latest posts:

Public health officials going native and being economical with the truth,

Cochrane double standards in COI disclosure,

The end of the pandemic

Some of the comments from our Trust the Evidence quiz.

How far we got with our antivirals series and how topical this is.


How much did we spend on antivirals?

Answered on 11 May 2023

The following table shows the spend for England by financial year for the procurement of antivirals for use during an influenza pandemic. Years not presented are a nil return. See here

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